Henrietta Township


Inspections Information

Inspectors have 72 hours to answer an inspection request.

Fee Schedule Relating to Land Use and Building Permits:

Rezoning $750.00 / $550.00 Escrow
Conditional Use Permit (non cell tower) $925.00 / $550.00 Escrow
Conditional Use Permit (cell tower) $925.00 / $1000.00 Escrow
Site Plan Review at Planning Commission (non plat) $330.00 / $350.00 Escrow
If not part of another permit
Site Plan Review at Planning Commission(plat) $330.00 / $750.00 Escrow
If not part of another permit
Zoning Board of Review Variance Hearing $250.00 per hearing
All other hearings $250.00
Site Plan Review and Zoning Compliance $85.00
Land Division $60.00 application fee + 25.00 for each parcel
Road Variance $200.00
Electrical Inspection $85.00 per inspection
Mechanical Inspection $85.00 per inspection
Plumbing Inspection $85.00 per inspection

Building permit fees are based on square footage and will be determined once the permit is approved.

Building Inspector – Rohn Tripp (517) 206-7043

Electrical Inspector – Ken Swift (517) 569-3886

Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector – Tim Basore (517) 623-6257

Hearing Officer – Michael Young

General Office Hours

Monday Thru Thursday-Closed Fridays

9:00am – 5:00pm

Treasurer’s Office

Assessor’s Office

Township FAX

Permit Applications

Permits can be emailed to: deptclerk@henriettatownshipmi.gov

or mailed to: Henrietta Township 11732 Bunkerhill Rd. Pleasant Lake, MI 49272

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