Henrietta Township

Master Plan Survey

Henrietta Township Community Opinion Survey 2024

The Henrietta Township Planning Commission will be updating the Master Plan. The Master Plan is a policy document prepared according to the Michigan Planning Enabling Act and serves as a basis for future township decisions on land use, land development proposals, public service improvements, preservation strategies, and zoning. The updated Master Plan will present a strategy for addressing growth, development, and public services. The following is a survey that is intended to provide township officials with input from township residents and business owners for consideration in preparing the Plan. The information that you and others provide will enable us to prepare a Plan most responsive to the concerns and aspirations of the Henrietta Township community. Thank you for your participation.

Please select YES or No on the following statements regarding Henrietta Township.

I feel that public recreation areas in the Township are adequate.(Required)
I feel walk/bike paths along major roads are needed.(Required)
I would support controls on development to protect water quality in lakes and streams.(Required)
I feel Cargo/shipping containers should be allowed as an accessory storage structure(Required)

In terms of potential Township priorities, how important are the following statements? Please select one: 1. Not important 2. Somewhat important 3. Very important.

Improving public roads.(Required)
Effectiveness of major roadways to handle traffic.(Required)
Expand/enhance public safety services.(Required)
Improving internet service or access.(Required)
Increasing support for new businesses.(Required)
Preserving natural areas of streams, wetlands, woodlands, pastures, and cropland.(Required)
Enhancing historic preservation and assets.(Required)
Expanding arts and cultural amenities.(Required)
Expanding community events and festivals.(Required)

Please Comment on the following question.